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with republicans agree >> highlight tonight, the first lady michelle obama. calls are showing a she is more popular than her husband. the president and final campaign speech in virginia saying that he will be watching have >>president obama: if one michelle start talking, i start getting teary eyed. i will try not to let fencing the cry. >> romney did the day of pope paul ryan was trying to diffuse if >> the choice of speakers for the conventions as first night priority. lough than a quarter ended at the convention a short time ago bill clinton will make his left as is the biggest beach tomorrow night. bob jacqueline bennett changes to the forecast as we move into tomorrow. >> a chance of thundershowers into tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are warmer into tomorrow afternoon. it will feel monday to thursday. partly cloudy conditions and a return to the normal the google summer time when our on friday with morning fog, afternoon sun and temperatures in the '70s and '80s. fog along the coast on this afternoon. as we take a wider view look, you'll notice cloud in is at the bottom of your s
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from a combined trust. they also donated $4 million to charity. compare that to president obama. he, and michelle obama paid 20.5%. on their joint return of $800,000 in earnings. those came from the presidential salary and the book. they donated $172,000 to charity. critics are not happy with his tax release. they say that they have failed to release from his father, george romney. he released 12 years of his tax returns when he ran for president in 1968. >> we have governor romney. and president obama will also be in the area. he will be in san francisco monday october 8th. he will be at a concert at the civic auditorium. at the civic center in san francisco just of market street. no word on who the music act is. $100-$175 per ticket. and even $1,000 per photo. aha we are just learning information. and this is his sixth fundraising informatio item-and also joe pala brian-spoke with the advocacy group, aarp and new orleans. giving social security top billing with different political takes. emily schmidt. >> with 46 days until the election. political candid it's focusing on the over
for carter and obama. >> the vice president with the detroit telling voters to stick with obama. mcnabb of the democratic convention kicks off in this use of all city on tuesday night. bill clinton will give the nominating address on wednesday. >> despite all the challenges we face in this man's country, we saw three straight days of an agenda out of the last century. it was a rerun. you might as well have watched it on black-and-white television other speakers include nancy pilosi, pamela harris and that this man, the mayor of san antonio, a rising star in the democratic party. the first latino to get the coveted keynote slot which launched barack obama into the limelight eight years ago. just a reminder, you can watch uninterrupted commercial free coverage of the democratic convention on our did 247 news channel comcast 193. >> is it is not a hurricane or tropical storm anymore. a look at the dangerous conditions people are dealing with. >> a new wild fire brigade california, the latest figure from the scene. >> are you ready for the mobile payment revolution? that is where you wa
right. >>president obama: although often disagree with republicans, i never learned to hate them the way for facing to hate our president for. >> the lasting image of the evening was his appearance on stage at the end of his speech. of service they bill clinton set the bar very high if. a crowd will also hear from the vice-president fury if >>pam: ahead at 5:30 p.m., a brutal crime that caught national attention. now, one of the suspect of makes its fleet in court nearly three years after the crime. we will have of it coming up. tom brokaw rushed to hospital, what his health care is being blamed on a specific sleeping medication. >> amazon held a press conference chillon of a new tablet and if they lower the price of their entry level devices pam of the new flexion tablet has of features we have not seen. that is coming up in my tech report. " >>pam: >> ortega was named as an active participant in the assault that happened during and after a homecoming dance back in october october of 2009 the other five men are due in court october 5th. police say as many as 20 witnesses to
the contrast between mitt romney and obama. >>pam: who is he really there to target? >> bill clinton brought back the middle-class and working-class people to the democratic party. they are hoping that he will be able to communicate with them again. cahow >> is there any chance that he will overshadow the president's speech on thursday? for >>pam: there were two issues in the 2008 platform, but not in this one, what an embarrassing moment for the party. right > this is something where i had hoped it would simply call it a proofing your, something that was slipped in the typesetting and it would be collected and move on. instead it was worth by defending it early on and then, they had to backtrack. these are the kind of no-brainer things the should never see happening at a national convention. >> could this carry on into the election? >> unfortunately by having a floor plan, you heard people bleed during the vote on cutting jerusalem back in, you have bad optics. it is the kind of thing republicans will be running for the next 60 or so are dates. >> most people have given michelle bauma
made. >> the obama camp had loved the recent fuss over the secretly recorded comments where romney appeared to dismiss more than half the population for not paying income taxes. this is politics, the tables have turned theory on 60 minutes on sunday, the president described the recent unrest in the middle east as bombs in the road. >>president obama: i a.m pretty certain and continue to be certain that there will be bombs in the road because in many places, the one organizing ve said as long. >> he said the developments in the middle east are bombs in the road. >>catherine: and the obama campaign at over what romney said suggesting that americans without health insurance should consider the emergency room their safety net. >>robin: we do provide care for who did not have insurance. if someone has a heart attack, they did not sit in their apartment and die, we beat them up in an ambulance and taken to hospital. >>catherine: the clock is ticking. it is still a very close race although new polls show the president has an edge in three critical states. today mitt romney tried to e
. >>president obama: the teacher must not belong to those this land of a profit of as long, but to be credible, those who condemn the as latter must also condemn the hate we see in the images of jesus christ that are desecrated or churches that are destroyed. or, a holocaust that is denied. >> the president took on a number of issues that trade between america and the muslim world warning iran that the world is growing impatient with its secrecy around the nuclear program. >>president obama: america wants to resolve the issue and we believe there is still time and space to do so. >> a lesson in freedom of expression. >>president obama: at a time so when anyone with a sulfone can spread offensive it used with the click of a button, the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete and on this, we must agree, there is no speech that justifies a mindless of violence. >>catherine: while the president was there, mitt romney was joining paul ryan in ohio. they will be there for a couple of days. this trip comes as the washington post poll finds the president is leading mitt rom
. >>catherine: president obama and mitt romney go head-to-head in a state that neither can afford to lose. if the bolt are campaigning in ohio. the most recent polls are according to a growing need for the president not only in ohio but florida, and pennsylvania and we will say that romney was hurt by the recent fuss over secretly recorded comments in which he seemingly dismissed americans that do not pay income tax. the president is still using that as ammunition. >>president obama: as i travel around ohio and looked out on the schrod i do not see victims, i see hard-working people from ohio. that is what i see. >> there are so many in the country hurting right now, i want to help them and i know what it takes to get an economy going again. >>catherine: romney is playing catch-up. he is trying hard to connect with voters. he has released a new ad in which he looked directly at the camera and makes an appeal aimed at middle-class voters. many americans may not like the president's health-care overhaul but it does not mean they think is going the way. a new poll says if seven out of 10
in force. we'll show you where romney and obama are campaigning today plus what they're saying about today's lackluster jobs report. >> clint eastwood is the doubt about his speech at the convention and what he told a newspaper about the infamous empty chair and his response to the reaction over his speech. >> a better job on line into the shopping this weekend. starting next week, if the big retailer websites like amazon and overstock have to start charging california residence sales tax. as you will not get as good a deal on amazon next week but, there are a few secrets about amazon that many people do not know that i can share with you to help you save bay. rachel and sam have a house. now they want a home. a home where everything feels like it's designed just for them. where the styles they love fit into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better. that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. >>pam: the democrats locked up their national convention last night. as the president heads the
buying a home. there is no evidence that people will pay no income tax are obama supporters. what >> 26 percent of americans are on medicaid. 15 percent get food stamps and aid% use with >>pam: his campaign this think he responded from a question from a donor and was not trying to attack anyone. >> nothing you say is off the cuff. you are here to make sure they open their checkbooks. everything is carefully tailored to that audience. when you look at the words he used, he would not be talking about these individuals as the victims are people not taking responsibility, you can talk about in terms of numbers but they do not go in and denigrate the entire audience, many of home happens to be your own supporters. >>pam: some people are saying those he is referring to are actually people who may be likely to vote for him and and >> the interesting thing is conservatives are talking about how he said it. how >> this is not an independent or a moderate message. this could hurt the base that he relies on. this may send them over the edge again especially if you look at poor in he needs flo
. isn't the pentagon. >> this change america forever and honoring for those who died. president obama placed a wreath at the memorial. >> this day and always will be leaving us with a lesson. not just one single of and will destroy who we are or act of terrorism will change what we stand for. >> the traditions associate with >> mitt romney was in chicago talking to firefighters saying this was not a day to talk politics. at the pentagon the president said every victim's sacrifice has made america strong growth. >>president obama: you'll never be alone, your loved ones will never be forgotten. >>pam: the bay area hosted events throughout the day remembering those thousands of people who were killed fonts of december 11th. this was the scene this morning at the san francisco fire department full testing. the fire chief spoke with kron 4 about what this morning's ceremony meant to fire fighters >> we are 11 years in that is something we never want to forget. we want to pay tribute, on that and respect in the never forget what apps. we want to continue to be strong demand for and neve
to get their real referee's back. it reminds me of president obama and the economy if you cannot get it right thing you should get out. this statement was made by mitt romney. >> everybody was to appoint. the eight year deal is tentative until you in members vote. they will make $205,000 by the handcuff 2000 and. we malcolm r. ewing in members back on the field and many fans agree. a lot of fans are glad to see the season go for it. they have combined 70 years of season experience. this will make referees and appreciate the season like never before. the nfl will protect their pensions and they will hire more referees for training. the union is expected to vote on this on saturday. >> melete cabrera has been suspended by the giants. he would have been eligible for. the club will go with the 25 players s.f. that have and we will like to know whether or not the giants made a good decision. on our facebook page and boat. >> near the coast line the fall just will not disappear. you cannot even see the bridge towers. we have been in the '90s and nearly everywhere. in the north bay we're in
were upset that his speech pushed the >>president obama: >> clint eastwood was nearly 10 minutes over his allotted time periods over time and according to some of people, over the line of good taste. >> head scratching among political analysts. >> it was downright confusing. >> the good, bad and the bizarre. >> conventions are supposed to be scripted. especially during the prime-time hour, he wants nothing left to chance. >> the romney's speech was pretty safe >> in the and they did with they were set out to do. one hole so that there was an increase, especially of hot and is in his likability factor for theft. what did not change was what are not there would be inclined to vote for him. the debates are going to be very informed coming up. >>caller: i think the and the hall lions the stick more harm and it. it riled the audience the fact of the hat is the press of a left in right, fox this was giving him a hard time as well as cnn and and as an easy. " we were really going after him on the facts. they had it had numerous opportunities to walk back on the of the statements he ma
bring home for americans who gave goliaths for our country and our values. hong >>president obama: chris stevens was everything america could want in an ambassador. he first went to the region as a young man in the peace corps. during the revolution, he arrived in libya on that cargo ship. he believes in libya and its people and they love him back. in benghazi, he laid down his life for his friends. libyan in the americans. for us all. >> evidence of the deep emotions at the highest levels as the ceremonies ended, clinton reached out to take the hand of her commander in chief. the building where the four men died has been gutted and looted. >> we stood inside the room where we believe the ambassador died and it was an utterly here raising experience. there were bloodstains and a partial hand print. you cannot help but to be disgusted by what transpired in horrified by what those moments must have been like. >> libyan authorities did have arrested four people in connection with the consular the tax. >> violent anti-american rallies are happening in more than a dozen countries
. the next big hurdle could be the october 3rd debate. team obama is trying to lower expectations saying the president has not debated in four years and the army camp is making sure their candidate has a lot of practice. romney reportedly was grilled by his aides in five mock debates in just 48 hours. both candidates are headed back to the bay area. mitt romney has a fund-raiser in hillsborough in the president will be in san francisco october 8th. >> friends and family gathered in san diego for the funeral of one of them men killed in the attack at the u.s. consulate in libya last week. he was working private security when a mob attacked him on september 11th. a former navy seal was among four people killed. demonstrators were angry about a film made in the u.s.. an actress who appears in a clip of that film says she will continue to get youtube to pull a trailer. >>pam: another thursday check of the evening commute. >>pam: wall street is feeling the pain of weaker economic reports. stocks were mixed across the board. the dow picked up 19 points to close at 13,597. the nasdaq ended a
is not apologizing for the comments . that is what he wrote of obama supporters as dependent victims the romney campaign has even launched a counterattack. >> mitt romney is not backing away from what he said in the city camera videos. >> the question in this campaign is not who cares about the poor and middle-class. i do and he does. the question is, look and help the poor and middle-class, i can't, he cannot. >> the president responded last night. >> my expectation is, if you want to be president you have to work for everyone, not just for some. >> ronnie suggested that 47 percent of the country are victims to rely on the government. democrats are piling it on suggesting that the running campaign is in trouble and that some fellow republicans are keeping their distance. >> we have a long line of people running for romney has if the olympics are still on. >> >> republicans did have some good new is with the announcement that the republican national committee raised in a record-breaking $35. 6 million in august curious >> we are learning more about the october 3rd debate between the can
the presidential election. this is one of the three campaigns that president obama hailed today. also today both canada since had separate conversations with israel's prime minister. do not forget that kron 4 will air a ball hol >> temperatures were a lot cooler today but into tomorrow morning will still see the fall. we will be looking at warmer temperatures around the bay. it will not be to excessively hot on saturday but sunday and monday will be a different story. we will see the '90s for the bay shore. an excessive heat watch has been issued for the entire bay area. the delta and portions of said the south will be under a watch started on sunday. as we look at future cast the model is not showing that it will get too hot for tomorrow. by noon time on saturday it will be about 70 spirit was still a lot of eighties by 3:00 p.m.. let's take a look neighborhood by neighborhood. down in south bay it will be about 80 degrees. 89 in morgan hill. it is possible that this may get warmer than this but it will be due to how fast it takes for the fall to move out. antioch will get up to 92 degrees and
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